Friday, January 24, 2014

When It Rains It Pours

Sorry I've been gone for quite some time for those wondering yes the baby is alright. 

We just got insanely busy and as the famous quote says: "When it rains it pours."

So my sister is moving out of state and we've been getting her house set up to sell and getting them packed to be able to move by summer and we're also moving. 

If we move into a cheaper place we're going to be able to finish saving up for a down payment on a certain house we've been looking at by the time it goes onto the market. 

So we were talking and looking and deciding where to move when my parents offered their entire basement to us! {I love you guy by the way thank you}

So we've been packing and packing {and I'm still getting morning sickness so that doesn't help} and cleaning and cleaning. Then turn around and pack up, clear out, clean up, and fix up what's needed done in the basement. 

So that's why I suddenly disappeared.

We finally got to the point where we are comfortable telling people without worrying about it all falling through.

I'll talk to you all as soon as we get settled in and everything is calm again.


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