Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We're expanding our home by two feet

Well guess what. I'm pregnant! I didn't post this when I said I was because we needed to tell a couple friends and family before we posted all over the internet, that wouldn't be a great way for them to find out lol.  We found out on my birthday and what a wonderful surprise it was we have been trying for 11 months and the month we didn't really do any charting or even think about it we got pregnant. We have our first ultrasound on Friday. We're due date is on or around my daughters birthday and we're 10 weeks! We're so excited!

Finding out has brought to my mind how much I know now compared to when I was having my daughter.  The first time around I was so nervous and I didn't know what to do or look forward to or even what to buy.  I have the experience of a previous pregnancy and care for a newborn but also I will have a new challenge: caring for a newborn while caring for a toddler.

I started up a list of things we need to get and my Hubs says "Why do we need this when we have all this stuff from when we had Princess?" I then explained to him the importance of why we need Boppy slip covers and a new rocking chair. Why I need new nursing clothes and bras (I outgrew them) lol.  My other mom friends all completely agree with my list and some even told me easier ways to get them or even make them myself. One even showed me how to make a Boppy slipcover. It's surprisingly easy.More will come soon as I think of it lol,

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